About Farm Energy INC.

Farm Energy Inc. (FEI) emerged from this experience with the motto, ‘We farm the energy from the Sun, the Wind, the Ground and the natural surroundings’.

The new corporation was formed in 2009 and in mid 2010, all the management resources and focuses were aligned. Combining a solid design and manufacturing background and well trained employees holding multi-trade certificates, FEI has what it takes to execute on green energy projects.

The first FEI wind turbine was finished in early 2010, showing that FEI is a complete turbine design and manufacturing company, and an emerging force in the green energy sector.

There are four divisions within FEI: Wind, Solar, Thermal and Bio and all of them are fully functional with manufacturing, service and supply mandates. Quality and standard operating processes were established along with their IT infrastructure.
The immediate use of mobile communication and their own servers and phone message systems was made a priority, thus establishing the company with a low carbon footprint and creating a paperless culture which was a key vision element.

The setting up of all process and procurement with ISO compliance readiness is another strong point. “Eight individuals of the FEI group come with a structured background through their professional disciplines so this comes as a natural way of work to most of us and the reality is it is expected by large customers and is currently offered by the large firms that service that sector.”

FEI now has a prototype 1 KW Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine erected and currently in testing with a 3 KW and a 5 KW turbine at the component assembly stage and a 30 KW unit now in design.