We design custom made energy storage solutions for off-grid systems that use Solar, Wind or Micro Hydro to charge the battery bank up

 We use lithium-Ion cells and Battery Management Systems integrated into our designs for safe and reliable power.

We can design ESS systems as small as 100 AH 24 VDC or 48 VDC up to Megawatt Shipping container sized units.

Energy Storage

Your energy storage or battery bank is determined by your loads and days of autonomy. Storage is by far the most expensive single aspect of an off-grid system and the reason why your loads and days of autonomy need to be carefully planned. We will help you determine the best battery type to meet your needs based on your usage, budget and willingness to work on the system. We supply everything from flooded lead-acid batteries to lithium ion. Solar + We design your solar array or other renewable energy source (Wind/Micro-Hydro) to provide as much energy as possible into your energy storage to meet your needs and budget. This is very location specific and depends heavily on site sun exposure.

Our Services

  • We supply and service Mangum inverters, Outback inverters and Xantrex inverters.
  • We are suppliers of Leoch Batteries.
  • We rebuild most small wind turbine types.
  • We offer custom designed off-grid solar systems and installation.
  • We offer generator installations and service.