The Bio digester and Bio gas sectors are being built across North America.

We have seen a very slow progress on this and with the Green energy act and the need to reduce green house gas it is now the time to build this.

There are thousands of these units across Europe and performing daily. Farm Energy Inc is committed to building this sector as it develops.

Our starting platform is in the manufacturing of components. We have a full machining and Fabrication shop.

Our expertise in the processing of stainless steel makes this a perfect match. In our local area we have one of North Americas largest fitting supplier and the Stainless products of any standard are stocked.

 The need to produce specials beyond their large capability will be made in house with the tooling and quality systems in house from the aquisitistion of a fitting manufacturing quality system that was serving the petro, chemical and Energy markets.

Our current ability for the assembly of the components to the sub component level for shipment to site without all the tools and personnel requirement at remote sites will add value to the bottom line.

Some examples of this work requirement are:

Panel box build for motor controls and process flow valves.
The assembly of heat recovery piping to heat out buildings and or cooling towers. The building of burn off flares and methane gas collection pipes. The manufacturing of walkways, rails and mounting brackets for the digester feeding process.

 The service sector of the bio Digester industry is one by itself. The overlap of the skill set requirements are a strong side of our business. We have the people on staff to continue to serve these areas as we do on the other energy sectors. The rebuild of Gear Boxes and Bearing changes are handled by our power transmission side and we welcome repairs on Day feeders, Convayors, Augers. 

We also are able to service motors and generators for both breakdown service or preventative maintenance to eliminate the many possibilities to have your systems down for any period of time. 

Our continued push to partner with integrators of these systems make us a perfect match to assist and not compete. Our strength is in the troubleshooting and solutions providing to both the customer and integrator with the group of trade people of our group. We have Design, develop, prototype abilities with the millwrights, machinist, electricians and electronic expertise in house.

 Give Farm Energy the opportunity to work with you and the result will give a new level of understanding of integrated solution provider. Our service fleet will service all of Ontario with other provinces under review as they are building these units on a private or Municipal level.